How it works

Go from “struggling to learn, even with tutors” to “keeping up with the class — on his own”

Once you reach out, we’ll send you an intake form to brief us on your son.

Rabbi Kerpel will review it and reach back within 72 hours to answer your questions and schedule an in-person evaluation.

We’ll administer a comprehensive evaluation.

The goal: to identify your son’s processing & learning challenges, assess his current level and see if the Hani Mili program is right for him.

If your son is a fit (usually the case), we’ll create a curriculum with personalized goals, milestones & timeframe + schedule his sessions.

Does he have a preferred learning style? Other priority classroom or learning goals? We adapt his program to work for you — and him.

We work our way through the program in person or on Zoom, making sure to keep it fun.

We assess his progress regularly, keeping you & him informed of his goals, and how much headway he’s already made.

Learning never feels flat with fun incentives & activities, and every goal becomes a celebration with rewards, siyums and more.

He’s done, and he’s a different child. The sullen, anxious, angry or unhappy boy you knew is gone. He speaks with more confidence, stands straighter, and doesn’t hide his homework.

Learning finally feels good.

Questions parents like you ask us all the time

Tutors are reactive — helping your son keep up. Hani Mili is proactive — equipping your son with the tools he needs to be successful on his own.

See how we do it

If your son is struggling with reading or understanding basic words, and you haven’t seen a dramatic turnaround with kriah programs, then for his sake, please don’t wait.

The younger you start, the faster he finishes the program and the less catching up he’ll have to do to reach the level his class is at. You’ll also prevent him from:

  • developing a dislike to learning
  • eroding his confidence & willingness to try
  • getting used to poor behavior — like acting out in class or at home
  • experiencing constant grief, pain and frustration

On average, 12-15 months. You may start seeing a change 2-4 weeks in, but it generally takes a minimum of 6 months to create change that lasts. Many factors impact timeframe, including your child’s age, degree of challenge, level of determination. Starting younger generally speeds up the process tremendously, while allowing him to absorb classroom instruction and avoid losing positivity towards learning. Your son can start as young as 6 years old.

Our team is fluent in all three. We’ll work with your son in the language he’s most comfortable with.

In some cases, we’ll be able to remediate via Zoom sessions.

Yes, we have an excellent female instructor on team for girls only.

Yes, Torah is universal, and so are the language skills you need to learn it. We cater to all Jewish demographics, and the program and methodologies Hani Mili implements are successfully practiced across a very diverse cross-section of the Torah world, as well as in many countries across the globe.